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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 17, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> the reporting is his name is ronaiah tuiasosopo, the one behind hoax, and the alleged girlfriend's name is lennay. >> the attempt to rescue dozens of hostages, including american citizens from a gas field in africa, led to a number of deaths. the white house white house is calling it a terrorist attempt. what may be the strangest story of the day. notre dame's captain and star linebacker claims somebody tricked him into believing his online girlfriend died of luke keep a. but some critics say his story does not add up year the
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nightmare continues for boeing's knew fleet of dreamliners, all ahead. >> first, the hostage situation. at a bp natural gas facility in the african nation of algeria, today reportedly turn deadly. fox news learn two americans have escaped. the white house would only say those americans are involved in what defense secretary leon panetta called a terrorist attack and the situation is still fluid. the algerian military launched a rescue operation without american help, despite the pentagon's offer to assist, and it reportedly did no go well. the militants claim the raid led to the deaths of 35 hostages 15 cappers and there's word there are four hostages free. but we're still getting conflicting reports on details here. all this, one day after the
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militants stormed the facility near the libyan border, algerian state television reporting. it was payback for algeria letting france use its air space. here's news from the pentagon. a lot of conflicting reports here. what do we know about the americans involved? >> what we can tell you for certain, those two americans who escaped are on route to london. they should be landing there sometime later today. but we also -- secretary of state clinton just spoke about the situation in algeria. >> instability in mala has rated the opportunity for a staging base and safe haven for terrorist. >> the white house confirms there are still americans being held. we have confirmed from other
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sources there's at least one american still being held by the hostages, the hostage takers claim to have killed 35 hostages and now the algerian government is for the first time admitting there were casualties that resulted from their raid. our sister network sky news said there were reports of a large explosion at the facility a little over two hours ago. what we can confirm is that a little after 7:00 a.m. eastern time, the algerian military opened fire at the facility using helicopter gunships. they were trying to -- it was a raid that went wrong, but they are still encircling the facility. >> what, if anything, is the u.s. military doing to help? >> no u.s. troops have been sent into algeria. we do know that one u.s. drone was repositioned over the facility there. we confirmed that from u.s. officials. that drone is unarmed but is taking visuals of the facility. there are u.s. troops on
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standby, commanders and forces on standby in germany, but it has not been given permission, we're told, from the algerians for any u.s. forces to go in and help the algerians, have essentially turn down offers of u.s. help. we know there's a national mission, tier one group of special operators mobilized in north carolina, but no permission as of yet from the algerians to move those special operators in to help in any way at this point in time. >> thanks for the latest. we'll check back with you. turn now to former state department official christian whiten, a form advisor to the special envoy. >> there's been fighting for many, many years, is this the work offing a quite? >> i think so, or at least a
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group linked closely with al qaeda. membership in that group is not so organized as a political party or michigan like that. al qaeda operates often as a venture capital type groups and supports people willing to conduct violence. initial reports indicate this group has had linkages with al qaeda. >> who is the lead are of this group? >> the one-i'd algerian. known as a jihaddist and a war lord and smuggler. we don't know what exactly his motive was here. i guess, christian, the wider issue here, once you get this operation over with, is the rise of islamic extremic across north africa, threatening to become the new afghan. >> how privacies is it there? >> it's bat. and next door in mali you have an islamist insurgents, and this
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has not made big headlines with the administration lying that al qaeda is on its heels. >> negotiating with terrorists like this is notoriously dubious. you just don't do it because you don't get anywhere. >> that's right and that's what they algerians may have done today in wanting to move rapidly, probably drawing from their own war against islamists. >> you hear what generalster griffin says, our special ops are still in germany. what do you make of that and what appears to be the obama administration kind of in the dark as to what's going on. >> it is. we have a minor operation going on related to mali, -- not in mli but next door. the united states is supporting the french-led mission, contributing intelligence and surveillance. so you -- you'll see that
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fluffed today. >> could the united states issue a rescue operation if need by? >> i think so. a completely lawless situation. where u.s. citizens in danger and local governments not being responsive. that's not the case. but i say we have the right to. >> do you suspect there's no appetite for that at the white house? >> i think so. the notion that the tide of war is receding and al qaeda is on its heels has outlasted the campaign and will continue into the second obama term. >> this would be contrary to the narrative of the white house. >> that's right. that's right. >> christian whiteon, thanks very much. >> new details about the bizarre, alleged hoax, against one of hollywood's biggest storms, manti te'o, there was word that his -- grandmother and girlfriend died within hours of
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each other. she was diagnosed with leukemia and died. but turns out she never existed. this photo was storm from a woman who says she had no idea it was being used as part of the scheme. a web site breck this. te'o now says he never met their girl in person but developed a relationship online and he, too is a victim of the hoax. here is i talking about the nonexisting girlfriend back in october. >> you have somebody that you talk to every single day, you sleep with on the phone because she has -- is going through a lot of phone and the only way she can slip is she knows you're on the other side of the phone, and you do that eave single night for the past four months, and all of a sudden it's silence that silence eats at you, and it's eating at me, and it continues to eat at me.
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but that's where faith comes in. >> te'o says at the time he believed she was real. that's what he says, and calls this whole thing a sick and humiliating joke. notre dame officials sayty otold them about this hoax the day after christmas, and the school athletic director is defending his star linebacker. >> manti was the perfect mark because he is a guy who is so willing to believe in others and so ready to help, that as this hoax played out, in a way that called upon those tendencies of manti, and roped him more and more into the trap. the single most trusting human being i've ever met. will never be able to trust in the same way again in his lymph that's an incredible tragedy. >> this all comes less than two weeks after te'o led notre dame the bcs championship game, which the irish lost. he was also runner up for the
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heisman trophy and is expected to be a first-round draft pick for the nfl, but right now, there are whole lot of questions about exactly who was behind the hoax, the duped so many people. mike has more on this, mike, there's still a lot that really doesn't add up here. any way of knowing who is telling the truth? >> you know, it's really hard to tell if te'o was part of a hoax, just a college kid who inflated a story about a girlfriend, or if he was duped just like everyone else who followed the story. about the only thing that is clear, that the athletic director at notre dame is standing behind his star linebacker. >> every single thing about this, until that day in the first week in december, was real to manti there was no suspicion no belief it might not be. >> te'o released a statement, part of it said: i hope that people can understand how trying and confusing this whole experience has been in
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retrospect i obviously should have been more cautious. still, there are those images of te'o pointing to he heavens with both fingers after making a good play, indicating his late grandmother and the girlfriend, lennay kekua who never existed. he had interviews implying he'll see them again in heap. of course he never saw kekua. >> this whole thing stinks like himburger cheese and a lot of people fell for this. >> the handle media ate it up hook, line, sinker. a story too good. a football great triumphing through his pain. the south bend tribune wrote a dripping love store about the first time the two met. we know that never happened. the in first interact was reportedly in 2010 over twitter
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with a handle,@love you, detailed encounters in which a phone was held up to the ear of cue kekua, who was in a coma, but when she heard te'o's voice, her breathing was better. but it wasn't real, and no one bothered to check with the hospital. no one even checked to see if the up newspapers had run an ob. >> i went back today and looking at four different interviews te'o did, and you walk away with a very clear impression he had met her in person, the had a face-to-face relationship. so we'll talk more about this in the newscast today. mike tobin. thanks very much. regardless of who is responsible for this hoax, could be a problem when te'o starts what could be a successful career. another sports scandal
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unfolding today. lance armstrong, years of cheating. already lost this tour de france titles. now, just hours before his interview with oprah, he is losing hi olympic medal. can his brand be repaired?
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>> more now on the apparent hooks involving a top college football player. his online girlfriend who he now says turned out to be fake and the many questions how everybody seemed to be duped. we have the president of the communications firm emregard partners, co-author of a book about how p.r. trumps advertising in the new media world. s i mentioned, i went back and looked at four different interviews that te'o game. he leave as clear impression they had a face-to-face permanent -- personal relationship. now he is saying, i never really met her. doesn't add up.
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>> lance armstrong couldn't even make this one up. so bizarre. the lessons, don't believe what you see on the internet. don't believe the sports information, public relations machine at colleges. journalists are gullible. no offense. the big question here is the one that you're suggesting. was manti involved in this thing? what did he know? deadspin which broke the story claims that when ronaiah few open 'o, who te'o knows, what the architect of the hoax and reports suggest that te'o was in on this. my question to you is, truth always comes out, especially with the internet and twitter and all the stuff out there. he has to come clean if he hasn't already. right? >> absolutely. in other words, he is going to be scrutinized -- has to have a press conference. notre dame already has egg on its face but doesn't want an
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omelet. so notre dame's credibility is at stake here, and what they are depending on, as crazy as it sounds, this kid was just dumb, got duped. we do media training with executives and you always ask them the unacceptable answers, do you do this because you were greedy or stupid? notre dame is hoping his sans was, i was just stupid. >> he is inconceivably naive or narcissistic. his credibility could be absolutely shattered in this thing, and he could about a first-round draft pick. i got to think nfl teams don't like players who lie. >> no. this will be part of the analysis of him as a draft pick. he has got to not know anything about this, because the -- his credibility, the credibility of notre dame, are all on the line. that's why this press
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conference, where he is scrutinized, has to wean up with him saying i was duped. >> notre dame new about it the day after christmas. they put an investigator on it. he comes up with a report that says it's a hoax, but notre dame didn't tell anybody not after the championship game. the only told people the truth because it got broken by deadspin. >> the easy thing to say as a p.r. guy, they should have announced it immediately. my advice would have been, this is a bad, embarrassing story, hopefully nobody will find out. if they find out we should be ready to answer everything. now they found out, they've got to answer everything. >> well, notre dame is now note notre shame to some people. >> every one of boeing's new dreamliner jets grounded. the latest on the troubled planes coming up. plus, folks down south are not used to snow. but today, they're going to get several inches of the white
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>> a fox weather alert and a messy winter storm through the southeastern united states. many people there are not used to this kind of weather. forecasters say several inches of snow could fall in the south and into the carolinas. officials in some areas warning the wet weather could cause major flooding, even landslide. joining us now, nick gregory. how much snow can they expect? >> they're going to be getting a swath of snow. some areas may see a half foot to a foot of snow. it will swirl down here in alabama and georgia. the track is towards the east, and while we're seeing rain in
12:25 pm
the carolinas, the colder air will come down the appalachians, changing that over to snow, and even though there's rain in the area, that will be changing over to snowfall. so one to three inch, to three to six inch snowfall, into southern virginia as well. the jackpot is the higher terrain here, the western edge of north carolina, southwestern corner of virginia. this is during the nighttime hours and the early part of friday morning. the northern edge of the precipitation may brush by southern new jersey with an inch or so, and east of long island. the good news is tomorrow's high temperatures should start to rebound into the 40s, which will aid in melting of the snowfall move through the southeastern states. frequent? >> but a beautiful 81 in miami. >> got to love that. >> thanks very much, nick
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gregory. lance armstrong already lost all seven of this tour de france titles. now looks like he'll have to give up even more. that's coming up, as we approach bottom of the hour, top of the news.
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>> the stung fall from grace continues for lance armstrong. the international olympic committee announced it has asked the disgraced cyclist to return his bond medal from the 2000 has been stripped of his
12:30 pm
seven tour de france titles, and this week he reportedly admitted to oprah winfrey that he doped. >> trace gallagher has the news now. trace, is the timing of this related to the oprah interview at all? >> no, not at all. greg. in fact the international olympic committee started talking about revoking lance armstrong's bronze medal last moth but it was a timing issue because they head to wait for the ioc to strip lance armstrong -- the international cycling union to strip him of his seven tour de france titles and then lance armstrong had 21 days to appeal losing the titles, which he did not appeal so now the bronze medal is gone and the bike rider who was fourth behind lance armstrong in the 2000 sydney olympics will not move up into the third place
12:31 pm
slot. >> has oprah released anymore information about the interview? >> it's odd. she has released nothing at all. they said they wanted to keep a tight lid on this and they have. all we have seen is this picture right her of oprah talking to lance armstrong. we talked to sports writers. they hope lance armstrong does not come out and start blaming things like his cancer, saying he started doping to feel better and get better, and here's what they say they would like to hear in the interview. listen. >> one of the things he kept on stressing in every single interview ever did, he has taken hundreds of tests and not a single one came back with any sort of positive results. so how was he able to do that and get all of his teammates on the u.s. postal service cycling team -- how were they able to pass the test as well? >> remember, it was 500 tests that he didn't fail a single one. maybe we'll fine that out. of you're curious, 9:00 tonight on the oprah network.
12:32 pm
tonight and tomorrow night. >> trace, thanks very much he is co-host of cofounder sports radio 790 the zone. good to talk to you. my guess is that lance armstrong's confection -- confession will not be full, will not be complete, may not be sincere. he may be trying to hedge it, and he may come across as a guy who is not sorry he doped but just sorry he got caught. if that's the case, does he make matters worse for himself? >> well, i like your conception. i tend to i free with what you're saying. i don't care how well rehearsed it is and i don't care the historyonics, lance armstrong is one of the most insufferable athletes in the history of sports, and the amount of abuse
12:33 pm
he heaped upon his teammates, the amount of disregard and arrogance he showed the olympic committee, the antidoping agency, the lies, the deceit, and the person that he was, it doesn't matter what comes forward tonight. so, will it be the moment that everybody starts to feel like there's another way of perceiving him? i don't think so. i think no doubt, if he does not at least come clean to the point of what everybody already knows, you bully your teammates, orchestrated the entire thing. you're a liar, deep a liar as ever been in the public eye. and if he didn't do that, what's the point? >> he didn't just lie prodigiously and single handedly ruin a sport, really. he was a bully and a vicious bully who tried to tee destroy people's lives. >> absolutely. >> and, americans have great
12:34 pm
capacity for forgiveness, but i wonder if his brand can ever be salvaged or is it beyond repair? >> 0 oh, yeah. people -- how are you going to -- he is not doing anymore races. his moment of -- not like he is a pop singer. he is not a politician. his career is over. the book has been written on his career. so what could he possibly do? we always kind of gave the benefit of the doubt that even if some of this is going on, the livestrong foundation and cancer work had positive ramifications, i always try to point that out. but he is a -- insufferable, the arrogance. on a personal level -- i hope oprah talks about what his personal life looks like over this period of time. >> i can't even go there, it's been so abysmal. but a lot of people may come
12:35 pm
away from this interview saying, he is still lying and he is trying to manipulate miami for selfish reasons because he wants to get reinstated and compete in marathons and triathlons and so on and so forth, because the money has dried up. the cheers have turn to jeers. he has become a pariah, a flawed, and a -- >> i think we all understand, whether it's a politician or athlete, whether it's an addiction or a weak moment, whether it's a woman involved or which will or drugs, just look up the street. people grapple with that every day and they battle it, and if you get in front of the public and say i had a problem -- even tiger woods, theirs a level to say, who am i to judge. but you have to understand, this is years and years of literally ruining people's lives and suing people who were just trying to tell the truth. this is not something you can wipe away with a teary moment in austin, texas, sitting next to
12:36 pm
oprah winfrey. some things cannot be forgiven. and why are you there? was at it moment of great clarity or was it a complete act of desperation from a person that treated everyone in his world about as badly as you can. >> forbes magazine had a great opinion on this. he destroyed the values that defined him. stake shapiro, thanks very much. >> always great a talk a you. >> the problems are piling up for boeing over the 787 dreamliner. the federal aviation administration ordering a temporary grounding of the planes. the faa cozy decision coming up after battery problems forced an emergency landing in japan. amateur videotape from inside the plane shows passengers evacuating the aircraft, investigators found burn marks around the leaking battery. that's just the later in a series of issue with the dream liners.
12:37 pm
among them, an electrical fire in boston, fuel leak some a cracked cockpit window. >> airlines on three other continents now taking precautionary measures, in this flight from the united states arrive thing tokyo today. it's the last flight to land of both countries grounded the 787. dan springer is live in seattle near where teams assemble the aircraft. what is boeing saying about this? >> as you expect they're in crisis mode. the 787 is very important to the company's future. this is a showcase plane. a whole new design based on better fuel efficiency, more comfort. the planes have been flying for more than a year. around a million passengers, and the results have been good. they use 20% less fuel, thanks to the use of composites and a revolutionary electrical system that was lighter and produced twice the power of standard plain planes. the company's ceo says we are confident it is safe and we stan
12:38 pm
behindded integrity. we'll take every step to assure our customers and the traveling public of the 787 safety and return the airplane to service. it's hard to predict exactly how long this will take to get the planes back up in the air, but analysts are saying it could last months, greg. >> has to be causing a whole lot of headaches not only for the airlines but their passengers as well? >> you got it. the airlines have sunk billions of dollars into the dreamliners. each one cost over $200 million, and now they're scrambling to get replacement air craft so their passengers can get out. within the last two weeks, two different airlines -- within the last week, two different airlines opened brand new nonstop routes to be flown sluice live by the 787. one was san jose to tokyo. the other, chicago to poland. so far many flights have been cancelled, leaving a lot of plans in limbo.
12:39 pm
>> i leave tomorrow or take some flight tonight by different airplane lines, then continue. >> the last time the faa grounded a plane was 199 of a tragic crash involving a dc-10. that turned out to be the fault of an airline maintenance crew. so we have to see about the boeing battery issue. >> that hurt mcdonnell douglas back then. >> like to give you a little good news. apparent good news, on the jobs front. the labor department reporting the number of americans filing for first time unemployment benefits fell last week, down by 37,000 to a total of 335,000. that the lowest level since right after the recession began five years ago. but the economists are warning the drop could be due to seasonal volatility because the numbers can actually vary from week to week in january, especially, as retailers and other companies lay off all the
12:40 pm
seasonal workers. we still don't know exactly what has happened to all the american hostages in algeria. about all we know for sure is that the entire region is a dangerous place right now. the latest from there, and the fighting in neighboring mali. next. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. with efficient absorption in one daily dose. why do people count on sunsweet prune it's made only fromn the prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices.
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the algerian operation against militants holding hostages in the african nation is reportedly over, according to algerian state media. we don't have anymore details. fox news has learned that two americans have escaped and there are reports that others may have made it out alive from the gasfield near the will -- libyan border. what do we know about the nationalities of the hostages? >> we know very little. every bit of information coming out of algeria has to be treated
12:44 pm
with some skepticism right now. what we have been told, what we have been able to glean from various reports and various government statements is the following: in terms of american hostages -- put up the figures here -- seven were being held. the british government only said that several of its citizens were being held. the norwegian company that owns the facility says nine of their workers were being held. france said yes but would not give any numbers. jay carney was asked about the situation of american hostages at a whys news briefing earlier today. here's his answer. >> it is our understanding there are americans involve but i would say a couple of things. one, we condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack on bp
12:45 pm
personnel in algae ya and we're closely monitoring the situation. near contact with algerian authorities and our partners and with bp's security office in london. unfortunately the best information we have at this time, as i said, indicates that u.s. citizens are among the hostages. we don't have more details. >> now, the algerian government has spoken about this. it will only say that the raid happened, it is over, and in its words, a few hostages died. does it seem the algerians acted without even telling the united states and other nations? >> victoria newland, the spokesman at the state department was asked repeatedly about this earlier today. she would not answer the question, did you get prior knowledge of this with any definitiveness at all. the british prime minister, david cameron, says his government did not know. he seemed to be somewhat
12:46 pm
perturbed by that. he also appeared to be preparing the british public for bad news. listen. >> we know that this is a very difficult situation as algerian forces have attacked the compound, and it is a fluid situation, ongoing, very uncertain. so i don't want to say anymore than that now. i think we should be prepared for the possibility of further bad news. very difficult news in this extremely difficult situation. >> now, following on from that, we understand that algerian state television has just reported that four people died in this operation, two from britain, and two from the philippines, but as with pretty much everything in this situation, greg, we have no confirmation of that. >> jonathan hunt, thanks very much. the the apparent ringleader of this attack on the algerian gas facility is a veteran jihadist with ties to al qaeda, and lawmakers say al qaeda had a hand in preplanning the entire
12:47 pm
thing. katherine is live from washington. what are we learn about al qaeda's involvement? >> the chairman of the house intelligence and foreign affairs commitee saying they believe the algerian hostage situation was premeditated with advance training before the for instance of french assault in mali over the weekend. >> it's clear they began this operation before the french began the counter-battery work or began to send the french foreign legion in. so this operation has been planned for some time. >> congressman mike rogers who has been getting regular updates on the situation in al jeer -- algeria, believed al qaeda pulled the trigger on an operation already in the pipeline. >> they were trying to figure out the security footprints and plan their attack and that takes time, especially the level they undertook in this event. >> asked if there was any intelligence warning of the
12:48 pm
attack, rogers saying it was well understood since benghazi this group's focus was on western targets. >> what are we learning about the al qaeda operative who apparently organized this whole thing. >> well, french inte a nickname for the operative, the uncatchable. he is one-eyed. and has been reported dead twice in recent years. another key element for those who track him saying this operation in algeria is a departure, believed to the largest al qaeda kidnapping, and in december when he announced the setup of his own operation, his spokesman said his ties are to the old guard and the traditional al qaeda leadership. >> under the control of al qaeda central. that is a central fact who this is guy is. >> analyst says these groups have common interests, they're clearly pooling resources,
12:49 pm
munitions, and algeria is a case in point. >> katherine heritage, live. >> president obama just days from officially kicking off his second term. we'll take a look at what to expect as d.c. prepares for the inauguration and the arrival of hundreds of thousands of folks. first, the advice columnist known as "dear abby "has died after a battle withalzheimer's, her real him in, pauline phillips. her daughter helped her with the column and by the time the illness was announced, jean phillips continued the colin. dear abby and her sister, an landers, had a stormy relationship.
12:50 pm
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president obama will be sworn in for his second term as president this sunday, january 20th, and then sworn again the following day in a massive public ceremony at the nation's capitol. he was also sworn in twice in 2009 because the supreme court justice, john roberts, botched the whole oath of office. add them together and president obama ties fdr for most time taking the oath of office. a little trivia for you. she is set to join shepherd for monday's inauguration coverage, good to see you, amy. >> good to see you. >> given the deep political
12:54 pm
enmitt in washington, is the inauguration a bit of a charade? >> this is a particularly difficult year, not just in the way that second inaugurals are dull affairs and because president obama's first one was so exciting, that this is bound to be a snorer. but everyone has watched what happened with the fiscal cliff and our government is barely funking, lurching from one deadline to another, in a crisis we have to resolve. the parties are not speaking with each other. the speaker of the house refuses to speak to president obama about the debt ceiling and possible default. president obama says the same about him. there's not just a difference about this, all the money, pomp and circumstances, people don't feel like celebrating. there's a weariness and it's bipartisan but people do it bass it's one of our rituals that demands we come together and show the world we are the greatest democracy and we are unified in these moments for a reason. >> so, it's happy face for a day. >> you mentioned his first
12:55 pm
inaugural with all the soaring rhetoric and the promises of hope and aspirations, going to transcend the petty partisanship , usher in transparency, remake politics. arguably it didn't happen. what really can he say? >> it's going to be very difficult for him to come up with an address that really changes people's opinion about the state we're in or the direction of his second term. it's going to be hard to inspire. he'll probably go long. i don't think re'll follow abraham lincoln and just use 705 words, but he'll take credit, certainly, for some of the things he has done but it's going to be hard for those be a historymake can address. >> washington's was the shortest, 135 words. i'd like that. i just like short speeches. historians have said abraham lincoln -- speaking of lincoln -- and he is going to use lincoln's bible -- hi second
12:56 pm
inaugural was the greatest speech of any kind according to some historians. do you think the president is going to try to do something, say something new and exciting to orchestrate a wow moment? >> i think he'll try. he likes to do that. he likes to write speeches and give them. he thinks this is one of his great talents. i think he believes with a public approval rating of 52%, which is better it's been the years, he has a mandate from this election, his detractors disagree but he is probably going to try to say this is a critical moment, we can come out of the abyss, we can come together some change things. it's just going to be hard to get to a point where it really resonates with people because, as i said, our government right now is really kind of paralyzed. >> in the end, as historians often write, it's the deeds that supersede the word. we look forward to your commentary on inauguration day. >> a reminder, amy will be
12:57 pm
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